The Value: Let’s face it; every house will need a roof eventually. And if installed properly, with the right products, your roof can add protection, elegance, and value to one of your biggest investments, your home.

The Choice: American offers a variety of asphalt shingles and steel roofing systems for residential applications. Our asphalt shingles range from 30 yr to lifetime architectural or choose one of our steel roofing systems. Because the roof is such a large portion of your home, the large color palette available will help you choose the right color to accent your home.

Installation: American’s standard installation differs from other competitors. We do more than the minimum required by the manufacturers and NYS code to insure your roof will last.

American Home Remodeling Application
Competitors Application

6 Nails Per shingle
Standard: 4 nails per shingle

6 feet of Ice and Water Shield at Eves
Standard: 3 feet required by NYS code

Synthetic Underlayment
Standard: 15lb felt paper

Plywood Sheathing
Standard: OSB particle board

Tri-Lined 20” Aluminum Based
Closed Valleys
Standard: Double 90lb. exposed valleys

New Aluminum Rake and Drip Edge
Standard: Same

New Boots for Pipes
Standard: Tar flashing around pipes

Proper Ventilation Where applicable
(Included with all projects)
Standard: Depends on the company
and the experience of installer

10 Yr Limited Installation Guarantee
Standard: 1 year required by NYS code

As you can see, the difference is clear, when it’s time for a roof, look to American Home Remodeling.